Psoriasis results

Satisfactory proof was found in the psoriasis results done on skin having chronified lesions for over twenty years without spontaneous remission.

The period of time transcured between the first exposition (upper left) and the last (lower right) was approximately forty days

This desease requieres a long term treatment for total remission of the eczema lesions in accordance to the immune status of each person.

Influenced by the suffering an immune deficiency, primary and secondary, the last being the only one that can improve, reaching the optimal modulation of the immune system with the therapy described in my book.

The results at the epidermi level were

- The dissapearance of the inflamation
- The reduction of the thickness of the lesions
- The abscense of the scabbing
- Abscense of itching and pain
- More flexibility of the skin
- Abscense of collateral effect.

We are unable to provide Notary documentation, after the the conclusion of these findings.

Just as indicated in the case of Eczema the latent immune memory continues(Inflamed Lyphotics Th1) as it has the ten year memory capacity.

The theoretical correction of the original cause of the illness, that memory gradually lesson if the healthy steps continue.

Resultados en psoriasis

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