Other applications

In my book I have made reference of the benefits in other auto-immune illnesses catalogued.

I haven't supplied proof nor do I leave testimony, but confirm that there favorable benefits in the following illnesses

- Lupus
- Esclerosis
- Asma
- Digestive problems

My lack of medical knowledge and due to the long term process of these deseases I haven't been able to nor is it my commitment to confirm my theories and therapy on other illnesses. I can only describe the extraordinary benefits of the modification of the immune system found in eczema, arthritis and psoriasis.

The theoretical applications to mold the immune system are wide and in diverse fields of medicine; in any case the hypothetical application need to be done the scientist and not by me, applying scientific procedures to verify if my theories and methods are viable and in what fields.

I offer my experience with phytotherapy and other therapies to resolve small setbacks in health, which can be resolved effectively without the use of conventional pharmacetics.

Unable take two different roads at a time, since I made the decision to stop the use of chemical treatments, I must say that I'm not sorry and would also like to share this acquired knowledge with whomever may need it.

I'll leave the philosophical basis to face any illness with a different point of niew, at least it's worth the try before tossing in the towel; if the allopathetic medicine leaves you helpless or without solutions toward other deseases.

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