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Defined as a Specialized Patient; having no other recourse, exhausted by efforts with traditional medicine, tired of consulting with the so called best specialists in the field who at that time knew nothing and today it's unknown what or how much is really known. He took the risk of submitting himself to self inflicted experiments of his own illness. He knew little about medical matter and philosofy self taught and the object of his goal was to understand the origin of his affliction and find it's cure.

S. del Río: Tell me, Rafael, what health problems did you have?

R.C.: My illness was primarily localized in the skin. Catagorized by the medical experts as "Eczema Numular" a desease with symptoms similar to those of psoriosis. Eruptions over the surface of the skin along with intense pain and suffering and sadly accompanied by social rejection.

S. del Río: Is it from the time of birth? Hereditary or Genetic?

R.C.: In my case is wasn't form the time of birth however, there are exsisting cases where it is transfered from father to son. It is associated with psychosomatic alterations and stress, although it can perfectly by tied to a variety of causes such as trauma or hormonal change etc.

S. del Río: What do you know about your illness?

R.C.: First of all I should say that the skin is the largest organ in the human body wherein hides a multitude of functions undetectable to those fortunate enough to enjoy a healthy body. To name a few, the unique and best possible suit in which we are clothed by mother nature, a purifying organ by excellence responsible for regulation the body temperature, sense of touch, and the sensibility to hot and cold, it contributes to the beathing cells and is an intergrated part of the immune system. It stores energy in the form of fat along with being related to the proper fuctioning of the rest of the organs such as the lungs and the liver etc. And last but not least it is defined as the third eye to our immune system. Metaforically I call the skin the visible ecsense of the human being.

S. del Río: How did your illness start?

R.C.: It began suddenly, coinsiding with a time in which my life style was aggitated and stressful, however in spite of the apparent long torturing discomfort I consider myself fortunte, it was a grafic representation that my way of life was not the right, I could perfectly have suffered a heart attack and/or died during that time. Frankly, I feel lucky and therefore have been given the opportunity to reflect upon and in a certain way, modify my errors.

S. del Río: How much time have you spent experimenting and on what principles?

R.C.: Around three years, in less aggresive fields that the conventional chemistry, such as fitotherapy, talasotherapy, dietotherapy, probiotics, elaborating my own concoctions; but allow me to tell you that the base of my accomplishments are susatained by philosophy, without which I would not have been able to accomplish anything.personally I think that the western sociaty needs philosophy more than medicine.

S. del Río: Tell me in what does your particular philosofy consist?

R.C.: In reference to the father of medicine, Hiprócrates, "That your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine". But I had to develope my own particular philosofy, allow me introduce you, I've named it La Ley del La Compensación. (The law of compensation) in honor of an coetaneous intelectual colleague; the same as microcosmos are to macrocosmos it is present in the referred law. and in the human being is influenced by a multitude of compensations, all things need to be compensated, balance and the hormony for example;and to help you undestand it better, I will say that the circulatory system is compensated by the artieries and the vains, the sypathetic nervouse systems with the parasympathetic and adrenaline with the noradrnaline and activity with the used energy, the tiredness with the rest etc. The illness only indicates that a discompensation exsists. Knowing where is indispensable in order compensate adequately.

S. del Río: According to you where did your discompensation originate?

R.C.: Imagine the domino effect, one piece of the chain breaks down the force of the rest, the same thing accurs in my skin disorder. In my case, theorectically, stress was that inicial piece, but curiously correcting the stress did not produce the healing of the skin, the rest of the pieces were not able to revert or elevate themselve alone so radicating the dificulty found by the medical field and the current science which only centers on their objectives. Curing the symptoms in this case the skin, leaving aside the entire organizm and the very same origin along with other causes because they are unaware of them.

S. del Río: On which pieces or organs have you centered your interest in compensating?

R.C.: Primarily in the immune system, it is responsible for the agression to the skin, the lymphotic (white cells) TH1 inflamatory, were out of control attacking the cells in my skin, possibly receptive to antibodies from the torrential blood flow or that my own organism had generated which then complicated the immune system for it being totally selfsustaining and independant and aggrevated by the fact that it has a memory lasting approximately ten years, That's why this type of illness or desease can reoccur it repeats or becomes chronic. Secondly after long years of observation, I centered my interest on the intestines, coming to the conclusion that there exsists a direct connection between the intestine and the immune system the nexus of the union between thenm were the probiotics.

S. del Río: Tell me about probiotics. What are they?

R.C.: This word is derived from two vocabularies, from latin -pro- which signifies in favor of the, and the greek word -bio-which means life. It's location and dwelling is within the human being naturally, generally in the intestines, they are bacterias, the smallest basic unit of vida with the exception of the viruses that are of even smaller size,although there are indepentant organisms there is a necessary union with the human being from the very beginning of life itself. man provides the nutrients it needs to devide and multiply, and the probiotics in turn defend at all costs it's host from infeccion, that is the compensation. As a result I have concentraded on the probiotics that originate and live in the human intestine.

S. del Río: How do the probiotics defend the organism?

R.C.: Not only do the beneficial probiotic bacterias exsist in the organism but are also present in other pathogenes that cause the illness or desease, so that you can get a better idea let me say that there are more than 200 types of different bacterias and that in only one group of them exsists twenty times more cells than the entire human body. In order to enjoy a healthy state there must be a microsopic and miniature compensation, I'v e come to the conclusion that each qroup of bacteria must be in the proper place and in the proper proportion in order to achieve the equilibrium desired, they have the capacity of radiating malfunction of organs, produce desease and alter the immune system.

To name a few of the principals qualities of the probiotics along with their way of interveing the in the following functions:

  • Capacity to adhere to the intestinal tract
  • Capacity of surviving during the intestinal transit
  • Protective barrior against intestinal and infectious pathogens
  • Regulates the intestinal transit
  • Breakdowns and digests the carbohydrates not digested by the intestinal enzymes in the Host
  • Benefits the lactos tolerance
  • Immunologic Stimulation.
  • Produces factors of intestinal cell growth
  • Protects the intestinal mucus by the portation of numerous antibodies
  • Re-establishes andnormalizes the digestive functions
  • Increases the specified level of IgA serica anti-LPS
  • Increases the non specified level of (activates the fagocitosis)
  • Increases the absortion of calcium in the diet
  • Produces Group B vitamins
  • Activates the anti tumoral and the reduction of the cancer risks

In additon, there is no room for doubt, without them our lives and civilization wouldn't exsist. Therefore, whether we are in excellent health or in times illness we must not depreciate their value, ignore them or take them for granted.

S. del Río: How and when do you use and where do you get the probiotics?

R.C.: I must tell you that I have nutured myself with scientic information as well as receiving help from Neslté which already are using their own roots/sprout products which are exclusively patented LA 1(commercially named as LC1Vital) to be exploited and used for it's own commercial benefit. Personally, I don't consider it ethical that a human bacteria be monopolize by a multicational company but in favor of it because it allows for the proper distribution and it guarantees not to produce desease although the product is somewhat expensive. Unfortunately the bacterial concentration at the commercial level is not suficient to render my probiotic equilibrium and therefore free me of my desease or modify my organism or regulate my immune system this observation and experimentation was done completely by myself alone using larger concentration along with other sprouts/cepas of which were not part of the commercialized circuit. Easy to reproduce or duplicate with the minimal technical knowledge, a yogurt maker, milk, a thermostat and of course the sprouts(cepas) along with the commercial product. In just six hours the final product is ready for refrigeration and to be consumed in small dosis as a simple food product.

S. del Río: What benefits were obtained with using probiotics?

R.C.: You must realize that the benefit is long term but the main satisfaction is finding a higher lever of modification to the immune system which in turn caused the disappearance of the leasion in my skin and a healthier sense of being. All the process has been officially documented and Notorized. But the proof doesn't stop with the healing of the skin, the main accomplishment is the ability to elaborate among other things the theory that"what is capable of modifying the immune systems of a self inflicted illness it also capable of modifying other similar desease in the immune system. The viability of my theory has been confirmed that when applied to an incurable illness that illness was ( precisely psoriasis athritis) was Cured. After offering my finding to a long time friend suffering from such illness he took my advise and was able to modify his immune balance and consequently was cured. This process has also been documented and Notorized officially.

My theories and methods are tremendously hopeful for a long list of illnesses ie. auto-immune , eczema,psoriasis, arthritis, lupus, diabetis type 1 etc. and the prevention of certain types of cancer. This will give you an idea of the importance, formost what I am trying to say is that I am a nobody in the filed of health matters and don't have the sufficient credentials or importance to be believed or confirmed by the offical scientific world.

S. del Río: Have you communicated your experience or are you intending to share your findings with other like you?

R.C. : Of course, I want to and need to share this acquired knowledge and experience with others who are suffering from immune disorder. Another goal of mine is to relate my experiences which have taken me over two years to document with every detail noted to esplain the process and metmophasis which have developed. In my book, which I've named "Numular Diario Of Una Piel" (Numular Diary of the Skin) with over 250 pages and about 50 photos and graphics that give an idea of the magnitude of my work. I hope it is comprehensable and useful for the basic purpose of self help and self sufficience. Unfortunately I lack the rquisites neded for the editorials, it's a very specific subject, not commercial. I'm not well know, I'm not a writer nor do I have a sponsor. I finally had to assume all cost in order to get this book printed and had to declare myself as an editor in to be able to tell my experience.

S. del Río: Have you tried to communicate to the world of science your observations?

R.C.: It's been more dificult to communicate with them than it was for me to find the origin of my illness. I've spoken with doctors, dermotologists which by the way a specialist in dermotology made the curious comment "Sounds Like Greek to me". I've contacted the very headquarters of C.S.I.C. and got administrative silence since investigators, biologist sadly don't colaborate with those of us who aren't scientists. The muiltinational Nestlé only investigates in the realm of nutritsion and food products not in pharmacueutics or medicine. As for the association level, I belong to a group called "Acion Psoriasis" an association solely for providing help to mutually afflicted people aware if my INQUIETUDES I've tried speaking to different foundations and banks but didn't enter into their (Strategic Objectives) found they are more interested in self promotion at cultural events.

S. del Río: Lastly What would you highlight of your experience?

R.C.: A new era is about to errupt. It's the era of probiotics a fase that will overshadow the massively extended and inadequate utilization of antibiotics with the tendancy, in my opinion, only to be used in very extreme cases. The future is tremendously hopeful if we learn to value and take care of these minute travel partners, during the length of our lives, the probiotics are the best biological option.

If I am able to transmit hope and better the quality of life of my collegues I consider myself satisfied.


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