Medical Reports

The documents provided may not be used, reproducts or distridubed by any media being strickly personal. Conforming to the 15/99 law of data protection. It's sole objective is to provide fidelity to my story and give credibility of the illness suffered.

These reports are only a small example of what transcurred during more than six consecutuve years of the desease.

I also provide evidence of the customary treatment of the time of my illness which were basically corisone therapy.

These treaments only improve the symptoms but had no capability of curing since the illness reoccured as soon as these treatments stop.

ATTACHED DOCUMENTS: (All of which are officially recorded by Notory Public)

- Page   1     Dermotology Report- Diagnosis Eczema Numular.
- Page   2     Biopsy results - suggests Psoriasis
- Page   3     Alergy report - results are negative due to the lack of the 40 standard antibodies.
- Page   4     Dermtologist Report - diagnosis Chronic Eczema
- Page   5     Diverse treatments of cortisone therapy

Download the documents here.

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