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Everyone has the right to exprese their own, ideas, theories, stories and experiences of their lives.

After more than 2 years of trying to present my book to various literary companies to get my book edited my efforts were were futile.
(Documents attached numbers #2, 3, and 4)

Faced by the impossible to get conventional acknowledgement, I had to inscribe myself as an editor, in order to publish my own book.

As a result, this is an exclusive editorial for the publication of the book , NUMULAR Diario de una Piel, (NUMULAR A Skin's Diary), there is no other previous book nor future book at this time.

In this case, I want simply to divulge and share my experiences with all those who are ill with eczema, psoriasis or other auto-immune illnesses.

My pretense is to transmit hope with my testimony and with those presented in my book, that a good state of health can be reached.

Fortunately new technologies have made is possible to be able publish and to allow public awareness with the tools availabe in the internet.

The publication is done by a prestigeous, well known printing firm with international experience and with the most modern techniques in digital reproduction. Publidisa whose central headquarters is in Sevilla,
c/. San Florencio, 2

This publication is done without financial assistance on the part of any public or private entity and without sponsorship or backing by any company.

I do not promote any product, nor do I advertise any article. The only objective is the distribution of my book.

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