Code of ethics

This entire Web Site is in adherence to the ethics code of Health on the Net.

The author advises:

  • - He is not in the medical profession
  • - Nor is he an official translator
  • - The opinions give here are strickly personal
  • - The author is not represented by any Commercial Sponsor, therefore has the liberty independant expression all of which have been publicated free of charge leaving the possiblity of adding them to some type of publicity of their own responsibility

1.- Whatever advise offered, about health, is based on personal experience and obtained by diverse medical and scientific publications.

2.- The information facilitaded in this site is directed to be an alternative way of achieve optimal health.

Although the advise, the information, personal experience and results are true. Niether the Author nor the Plublisher claim legal resposibility or obligations.

It is not it intent to take the place of the regular Patient- Doctor relationship or consultations. Consult your doctor about this information prior to taking action.

3.- This Web Site respects the confidentiality of the the related of the visitors and patients including their personal identity. The owener of this Web Site promises to respect those legal requirements of the informaction privacy

4.- When appropriate, the contained information of the site will be backed by clear reference to the scource of the data

5.- This site is thought to divulge to personal experience of the author and the commercialization of his book on self-help.

6.- The author of this Web Site and the book in purpose of providing clearest possible information and direct it's visitors to additonal information

7.- This Web Site is not sponsored or publicated and does not belong to any commercial organization and and was not created for commercial use, solely supported by the author of the book.

8.- If at any time publicity were to be a form of financing this site, it would be clearly indicated

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