Results in psoriasic arthritis

These documents herefore presented can't be reproduced, changed or used by any media since they are strictly personal. As stated by the law 15/99 of data protection. It's only objective is to give credibility to the illness suffered by Salvador Rodriguez del campo

ATTACHED DOCUMENTS (All of which are Officially Notorized)

- Page  1      Medical report on D. Salvador Rodriguez del Campo.

- Pages 2 & 3  Analytical report of Sept 16, 2000

- Page  4   Analytical report Aug 6, 2002 (the analysis 4 and 5 confirm his illness is chronic The                             parimeters are characteristic in Athritis)

- Page  5      Analytical report July 11, 2003 Taken immediately following the immune modification therapy
                         which demonstrates the normalization of the P.C.R. and velosity of the globular sedimentation

- Page  6      Dec. 10, 2003 Verification of the attached documents previously demonstrated are certified by

- Page  7      Authorization of Salvador Rodriguez to Rafael Castellano Alvarez in order to publish the results

- Page  8     Analytical report Aug 18, 2004 Confirming the stability obtained a year after the therapy was

- Page  9      Testimony by the Notary Public of the original analytical report attached

No other documents for this exam have been included; however I must indicate that currently Salvador is enjoying good health, being able to continue following his status during the following three years due to our close friendship. There's been no loss of the benefits reached.
He lives a normal life as if he never had had arthritis.

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